This is a monthly podcast with the best hardstyle tracks available,that will be on air every first monday of the month.Hosted by Djane LadyCrush and NEW there you will find every last tuesday in the month the podcast of Get Infected hosted by Sector One from Hardbassfanatics.

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Hardbassfanatics Podcast Episode 7

Hey Party Freakz !!

Welcome to our Podcast number 7.
This episode is a special edition, the following Dj Set was broadcasted on 24.06.2011 by Haderradio.de for the DQ1 warm up 2011.

We thank all who have listened and give the people who were not there the chance to celebrate it again with us!

Have fun with it and please subscribe us.

This episode is hosted by G1 & Twizted

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1.Luna & Deepack - Biological Insanity
2.Toneshifterz - We are the Future
3.Maxtor - You are not alone
4.Vamper - Night
5.Zany & Ran-D ft. Nikkita - Son of Torture
6.E-Force & Luna - Blacklight
7.High Voltage & B-Front - Everthing Changes
8.Slim Shore - Scars
9.Noisecontrollers - Unite
10.Adaro - Hit you with bang
11.Coone & B-Front - Crossin over
12.G1 & Twizted - Trick 'r Treat
13.B-Front - Inner Creativity
14.Titan - Remember Me
15.Vorti & Zed - Daydream 2011
16.The R3bels - Pattern 2
17.G1 & Twizted - Creatures
18.Coone ft. Zatox - Audio Attack
19.B-Front - Musical Analysis
20.Vorti & Zed - You
21.Donkey Rollers - Immortal
22.Zany - Maximum Force

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